A ready-to-go Cospas-Sarsat Module for embedded applications

Many companies are interested to add a satellite distress beacon function as a secondary feature to provide the highest safety for their customers, whatever for recreational or professional usages. Syrlinks developed MRB-5007 and MRB-2007 to ease the design and integration of a Cospas-Sarsat Distress feature inside any type of products.

MRB-5007 (with GNSS receiver) and MRB-2007 (without GNSS receiver)

A "ready-to-go" Cospas-Sarsat quick design-in solution

MRB-5007 is a ready-to-go Cospas-Sarsat First Generation Beacon Module containing VHF & UHF transmitter (Homing signal 121.5MHz & Cospas-Sarsat signal 406.031 MHz. An embedded GNSS allows encryption of the position in the C/S message.

Based on further expected releases of its embedded GNSS receiver, and further firmware upgrades, the MRB5007 will offer the possibility to have the Cospas-Sarsat Return Link Service (RLS) when full SAR Galileo operational capabilities will be available (expected to happen at end 2018). The person in distress may then have the confirmation that his message has been received and that help is on the way.


MRB5007 is a very compact embedded module providing following functions:

  • > Homing transmitter @ 121.5MHz with programmable output power up to +20dBm
  • > Class 1 C/S transmitter @ 406.031MHz with programmable output power up to +36dBm
  • > GNSS receiver with its RF connector to plug external GNSS antenna
  • > Microcontroller to drive components and to communicate with external application
  • > Self-test capability
  • > Board-to-Board connectors for quick & easy integration at the manufacturing process