S Band Transceiver

EWC29 CLASS 3 (& CLASS 2) is a reliable, high performance & low power consumption S-band transponder, which was developed by CNES (French Space Agency) and Syrlinks for medium-size platforms. The 1st Generation of SYRLINKS S Band transceiver is named EWC15 and was co-designed with CNES in 1997, based on a innovative and reliable concept using qualified COTS and stressing tests on Qualification Model units. EWC15 has been already launched in numerous and famous missions, such as ROSETTA, DEEP-IMPACT, DEMETER, PARASOL, ... Up to day, more than 20 missions and LEO FM units.
Since 2014, Syrlinks offers a 2nd generation of S Band transceiver and transponder, named EWC29, based on space qualified components and fully compliant to ECSS-Q-ST-60C CLASS 3 standard.
Doppler (Coherent Mode) and Ranging features are available as options.
For the transmit section, EWC29 operates in the 2200–2290MHz range. The RF output power can be adjusted from +27 to +37 dBm with data rate from 10kbps to 5 Mbps (options). For the receiver section, EWC29 operates in the 2025–2110MHz frequency range at a data rate which can be selected in the range from 8 to 256kbps.
Design of product includes independent internal parts:
- Transmitter (TeleMetry - TM),
- Receiver (TeleCommand - TC) and duplexer.
Both functions are independent and include each one an isolated DC-DC converter with a 22/37V input range. Some “electronic fuses” are also implemented on board in order to switch-off some power lines in case of latch-up – or over current consumption – due to space radiations. Syrlinks CLASS 2 series (EWC29 and EWC30 X Band Transmitter) have been already awarded for spacecraft platforms (such as MYRIADE EVOLUTIONS, from CNES/Airbus D&S/Thales Alenia Space), and other missions.



  • CCSDS TT&C, Telemetry, Tracking & Command
  • 7.5 years life-time LEO missions
  • Observation & Scientific payloads



  • Compact and high reliability design

- All-in-one transceiver / transponder
- Independant RX/TX functions

  • Advanced performances and features

- Tracking options (ranging and coherence)
- Multiple waveforms
- High DataRate transmitter

  • ITAR Free



  • ECSS-Q-ST-60C CLASS 3 / NASA Level II
  • Radiation tested & hardened
  • Smart protection against SEE
  • Functional, Mechanical, Thermal & EMC Tests



  • «MYRIADE EVOLUTIONS» plateform, CNES / Airbus D&S / Thales
  • MERLIN, CNES-DLR (2020)
  • Others (upon request)



  • CCSDS, Spaceflight Industries, KSAT, NEN*, Atlas, RBC Signals, ...
  • Safran Data Systems, Kratos / RT Logic, ...