X-Band Transmitter - High Data Rate

N-XONOS product is a 400 Mbps X-band Transmitter dedicated to Cube and Nano Satellites, and designed to answer to a new increasing demand for high data rate transmission. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions, around 500/700 km above Earth, are especially targeted. N-XONOS also provides an optional S-Band receiver.

It is the first product of a new generation of Syrlinks transmitters and receivers based on an innovative design, with efficient enhancement on base-band & digital processing part to reach best performances.

In addition to Syrlinks EWC27 X-Band Transmitters series, N-XONOS will provide a solution for high data rate missions.

N-XONOS inherits of all Syrlinks team skills and experiences acquired for 25 years of space radios design and manufacturing (from Rosetta, Deep Impact missions, to OneWeb Satellites constellations).

*The SME label awarded by CNES underlines the excellence of a key SME space supplier in developing porducts or providing space services.



  • Cube, Nano, Micro Satellites
  • 5 years lifetime LEO missions
  • High Data Rate Telemetry, CCSDS
  • Observation & Scientific plateforms


  • Input bit rate 400 Mbps
  • Consumption 16W at 2W RF
  • Optional internal S-band receiver
  • ITAR Free


  • Radiation tested & hardened
  • Functional, Mechanical, Thermal & EMC tests
  • Smart protections against SEL /  SEU
  • TRL-9


  • CCSDS, NEN*, RBC Signals, Spaceflight Industries, KSAT, SSC, LEAF SPACE, ...
  • Safran Cortex, Kratos / RT Logic, ...