S/S Band Transponder

Syrlinks N-STAR (EWC31-NG) is the new generation of TT&C transponder based on TRL-9 S-LITE (EWC31) product and 10 years of experience in designing space reliable products. The N-STAR (EWC31-NG) is smaller and more powerful with a fully mechanical enclosure and integrated duplexer. Thermal performances and radiation tolerance have also been improved.
The N-STAR (EWC31-NG) is designed for integration in Cube and Nano Satellites, especially for Low Earth Orbit (LEO), around 500/800 km above earth. A single or dual antenna configuration is available without increasing the size of the product.
Some “electronic fuses” are implemented on board in order to switch-off some power lines in case of latch-up – or over current consumption – due to space radiations.
For the transmit section, the equipment operates in the 2200–2290MHz range. The RF output power can be adjusted from +27 to +36dBm with data rate from 10kbps to 2Mbps.
For the receiver section, the equipment operates in the 2025–2110MHz frequency range at a data rate which can be selected in the range from 8 to 512 kbps.




  • Cube and Nano Satellites
  • 3 years lifetime LEO missions
  • Deep space & lunar missions
  • Satellite launchers

Benefits & Key Features

  • Compact form factor - Cubesat
  • Integrated duplexer
  • Extended tolerance to radiation
  • Single or dual antenna configuration
  • Low power consumption

Quality & Reliability

  • High reliable COTS design
  • Radiation tested & hardened
  • ITAR Free