Syrlinks - Actualité / News - Le 06/04/23

Syrlinks, subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, and leading company in the design of RF Communication systems for Space, is proud to announce its contribution to the ESA JUICE mission (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer). For this mission, Syrlinks produced a K-band frequency synthesizer integrated in the SWI (Sub-millimeter Wave Instrument) spectrometer, one of the 11 instruments on board the space probe.

The objective of JUICE is to study 3 of Jupiter’s satellites: Callisto, Europa and Ganymede. The central goal of the mission is to determine if conditions to the emergence of life are present in the oceans, as it appears to be on these 3 icy moons. The space probe must also advance scientific knowledge of Jupiter’s atmosphere. The launch is scheduled for April 13, 2023 and the probe will travel during 8 years before reaching the orbit of Jupiter. Then, the duration of the mission will be approximately 4 years. The instruments will be used during these 4 years.

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