Ultra Low Power Timing Module for MIL / Aero / General Industry

This SGTM delivers a PPS, a Sine 50ohm and a HCMOS output with a standard frequency of 10-20 or 40 MHz. Its core low aging performance and low power consumption makes it ideal for all applications with drastic precision timing constraints under GNSS denied area. The module consumes less than 100 mW at 25°C and shows a thermal sensitivity less than ±100ppb across the full temperature range (ordering Code B). A specific firmware brings its thermal sensitivity to ±2ppb (on demand).


  • 10 or 20 MHz HCMOS output
  • ±100 ppb thermal sensitivity (typ.CO version, ordering Code B)
  • ±2 ppb thermal sensitivity (typ.CT version)
  • 100 mW at 25°C (typ.)
  • ±2 ppb/day after 30 days (typ.)
  • Pin-to-pin compatible replacement of Chip Scale Atomic Clock