Low aging & Low Power SC-cut OCXO for Mil/Aero/General Industry

It targets embedded or battery powered systems requiring a state-of-the-art precision timing core. Built around a high-Q factor SC-cut resonator, it shows a low aging drift (typ. 0,3 ppb/day) and is specified within an operating temperature up to 70°C or 85°C. It consumes less than 400mW (at 25°C), thus 5 to 10 times lower than other similar SC-cut OCXO available on the market. Its high robustness to mechanical shocks and vibration are a great benefit for airborne navigation or synchronization systems.
  • 10, 20 or 40 MHz HCMOS or Sine 50 Ohm output
  • ±10 ppb (typ.) thermal sensitivity
  • ±400 mW @ 25°C (typ.)
  • ±0.3 ppb/day after 30 days