Record & replay GPS signals

In the field, you can capture and record precise GPS signals ready to be analyzed in a laboratory. Syrlinks' equipment  faithfully and optimally reproduces the signal. They are easy to use, suitable for many environments, have a small footprint, an autonomous mode of operation and an optimized cost.

Our product range offers the following and GNSS recording playback functions: Capture, recording and playback of real RF signals (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU) - Visualization and recording of GPS signals, even at low emission - Precise analysis of the RF spectrum thanks to software adapted to your project - Simultaneous recording of GPS data and RF signals

Our products record GNSS signals as well as background noise and interferences, which makes signal regeneration representative of the environment in which they were captured.



Products Signal readers recorders


GNSS signal recording and replay device

The G-SIRPE product range enables the acquisition, recording and regeneration of high quality GNSS signals.

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