METS 2018, Syrlinks in Amsterdam

Syrlinks will again be present at METS 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands from November 13th to 15th in hall 1 booth #834. Come visit us and discover our innovative products for safety at sea.

For the 2018 edition, Syrlinks is once again participating in the METS trade show. On this occasion, our team will present you our innovative products for safety. You could discover My-AIS by SIMY, the most compact marine distress beacon in the world. SIMY is the consumer brand of Syrlinks safety products.

By sending a distress message using AIS local network, My-AIS is today the smartest and fastest way to send a local alert, being GPS-located and rescued by nearby vessels within radio range (5 to 10 nautical miles).

With SIMY My-AIS fitted into your lifejacket, offer to everyone aboard a true safety ally.

SIMY aims at providing the most inexpensive and the most advanced high-tech products for your outdoor activities, on land and at sea.

SIMY My-AIS is 2 to 4 times more compact than other comparable beacons and has 7 years battery life. My-AIS has been designed with care by SYRLINKS in France, one of the world leaders in miniaturization of space radio communication devices.