First volume deliveries for SGTM16HP-UW

SGTM16HP-UW is the brand part number of Syrlinks’ GNSS Timing Module dedicated to underwater applications.

Syrlinks successfully delivered its first volume orders of precision clocks for the offshore oil exploration market.

Syrlinks is a renown and committed supplier of ultra-low power precision time and frequency components. SGTMs are in the form of electronic modules for synchronizing and maintaining a precise time underwater when the GPS signal is no longer available. The footprint is compatible with the one of a Chip Scale Atomic Clock, making it easier to test and evaluate by Syrlinks’ customers.

The SGTM embeds a hyper-fine disciplining electronics of the on-board oscillator (EWOS), allowing a precise copy of the PPS signal to the nanosecond. This synchronization function is the basis of the performance of an Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) before its immersion for a period ranging from several weeks to several months.

Once underwater, it is the on-board EWOS oscillator that beats the elapsed time and ensures a reliable and accurate timing & recording function insider he OBN seismic recorder. At the end of the mission, the OBN is retrieved and its clock drift is re-measured. After post-processing of the data, the service provider can compensate linearly or parabolically the time drifts, in order to obtain extremely precise information on the level of the exploited reservoirs or the composition of the oceanic sub-soils prospected.