SGTM™: Timing and Synchronization Modules

The SGTM ™ modules are built around a fast electronic allowing a clock synchronization of less than 20 ns. They embed different types of OCXO EWOS ™ for the timekeeping function when GNSS time is no longer available (eg for submarine applications, or if GNSS signals are scrambled or unavailable). SGTM ™ offers unparalleled performance for consumption levels up to 30 times lower than other solutions on the market.


Products Timing and Synchronization Modules : SGTM™


Ultra low power timing module

SGTM16-3V3-A-H1 is the least consuming precision clock module of Syrlinks.

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High Performance Timing Module for underwater systems

SGTMxxHP-3V3-A-H4 is the best trade-off between low aging drift and low power consumption within Syrlinks’ SGTM portfolio.

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Low Aging & Low Power Timing Module for MIL / Aero & General Industry

SGTMxxHP-xxx-x-x4 is a low aging Timing module delivering a PPS, sine 50Ω or HCMOS output with a standard frequency of 10-20 or 40 MHz.

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Ultra Low Power Timing Module for MIL / Aero / General Industry

SGTMxx-xxx-x-H1 is the generic ultra-low power Timing module of Syrlinks using a low power EWOSxx-x1 OCXO.

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