Syrlinks product lines for mini satellites

Mini satellites Syrlinks series are designed to answer to an increasing demand of high data rate transmission and for Telemetry, Tracking & Command. These products comply with the ECSS-Q-ST-60 CLASS 3 standard and were developed by the CNES (French Space Agency) and Syrlinks for medium-size platforms. They are reliable, efficient, low power consumer and are suitable for missions of up to 10 years in low earth orbit. Discover all our products fitted to Mini satellites: Transceivers (S Band) and Transmitters (X Band).


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Ultra High Speed X-Band Transmitter

X-NEO (EWC34) is an enhanced version of EWC30 X-Band Transmitter, supporting up to 600 Mbits/s in 8PSK 4D TCM configuration.

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S Band Transceiver

EWC29 is the 2nd generation of Syrlinks S Band transceivers / transponders fitted to an increasing market of extended missions in orbit...

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