EWOS™ : Low Power & High Precision OCXO

Syrlinks has been developing miniaturized OCXO since the late 80’s. Since the early stages, the Company focused its design efforts toward miniaturization and very low power consumption.

Today, Syrlinks offers one of the best physical trade-off between power consumption and frequency stability, making the EWOS™ family the best choice for all demanding embedded applications, providing 10-7 and 10-8 type of frequency stability and saving battery life. EWOS™ are perfectly suited for Space, Aeronautics, Military and General Industry Applications for which performances in harsh environment is a must, and low power a key criteria of choice.



Syrlinks OCXO Frequency Stability and Power Trade-Off


Products Precision and Low Power OCXO : EWOS™


Ultra Low Power OCXO for Underwater Systems

EWOS16-UW is a dedicated OCXO for underwater systems with a world lowest power consumption of 50 mW to optimize the mission time and...

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Ultra low phase noise, 100 MHz OCXO

EWOS100HP is a 100 MHz OCXO providing high spectral purity required in all high-quality frequency synthesizers.

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High performance OCXO for underwater systems

EWOS16HP-UW is a very low aging and ultra low power consumption OCXO dedicated to underwater systems.

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Low aging & Low Power SC-cut OCXO for Mil/Aero/General Industry

EWOS10HP is the ideal precision OCXO combining a record low aging and very low power consumption.

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Ultra-Low Power OCXO for Mil/Aero/General Industry

EWOS10/20 is the least power consuming OCXO within Syrlinks products range.

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OCXO 32.768 MHz (ESA level 2 compatible), low power consumption and proven in flight

EWOS4501 is a 32.768 MHz quartz oscillator with a thermostat for space applications.

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High Shock, Low G sensitivity 10 MHz Low Power COTS OCXO for Space Applications

EWOS 0535 is a high shocks and vibrations resistant 10 MHz OCXO for space applications.

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20 MHz Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

EWOS5500 is a 20 MHz Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator dedicated to NEWSPACE application, Large or Mega Constellations.

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