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    1000 RF products supplied to Airbus OneWeb Satellites

    Source : Syrlinks - Press Release / Communiqué de presse - Published on 18 November 2021

     Syrlinks is proud to have reached the milestone of 1000 products delivered to Airbus OneWeb Satellites for the OneWeb constellation, which aims to provide broadband Internet access for all.

    N-XONOS, a high speed transmitter for Nano / CubeSat

    Source : Syrlinks - Press Release / Communiqué de presse - Published on 15 November 2021

    Syrlinks, world leader in the manufacture of RF communication products in the space field, is launching its new N-XONOS equipment at the Space Tech Expo 2021 in Bremen, Germany.

    N-XONOS is a very compact X-band telemetry transmitter delivering very high speed data. It is specially designed to be integrated into the Cube, Nano and Micro satellites.

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    Syrlinks reçoit le label CNES PME pour ses produits nanosatellites

    Source : CNES - CNES - Published on 21 October 2021

    Depuis 2020, le CNES propose aux PME, fournisseurs clés du spatial, un label afin de valoriser leurs activités d’excellence réalisées dans le cadre de ses programmes. Le comité de labellisation du CNES a attribué cette année 19 nouveaux labels aux entreprises.

    Syrlinks est fière d'avoir reçu cette reconnaissance pour sa gamme de produits radiocommunication et charges utiles pour les nanosatellites.

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    Synspective selects Syrlinks X-Band transmitter for its StriX β satellite

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 06 October 2021

    Syrlinks and Synspective announce their partnership in the integration of Syrlinks’s compact X-Band Telemetry Transmitter, in the framework of the StriX β mission.

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    Eric Pinson as Director of the Space Business Unit

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 14 June 2021

    Eric Pinson has joined the Space Department of Syrlinks, a French company specialized in the development and manufacturing of radio communication and radio navigation products for low earth orbit small satellite platforms.

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    Syrlinks equips Pléiades Neo constellation

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 10 May 2021

    Syrlinks teams were comissioned by Airbus DS to provide the EWC34 high data rate transmitter. To meet the needs of the Pléiades Neo constellation, Airbus DS was looking for a very high speed image telemetry equipment. Syrlinks, with its experience in space radio communications, was able to meet this requirement with an X-band transmitter delivering a data rate of 600 Mbps.
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    Syrlinks keeps pace with Airbus OneWeb Satellites

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 04 May 2021

    OneWeb continues the deployment of its large-constellation with 36 additional satellites launched April 25th,2021, from Vostochny Cosmodrome spaceport in Russia. (flight ST31 from Arianespace). OneWeb overall project aims at offering in 2022 high-speed, low-latency connectivity services thanks to a 648 LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite constellation. In this project, Syrlinks is supplying two key products for the manufacturing factory, Airbus OneWeb Satellites...

  • syrlinks-space-iot

    SYRLINKS strengthens its leadership in space IoT

    Source : Syrlinks - Web News Syrlinks - Published on 14 October 2020

    After the success of ANGELS, then KINEIS, and soon Omnispace, Syrlinks continues to demonstrate its industrial capabilities in the Internet of Things and New Space market. The company is also consolidating its position as a major supplier of radiocommunication and geolocation equipment for the space market.
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    ANGELS, France's first nanosatellite, extends the scope of space IoT

    Source : CNES - KINEIS - Thales Alenia Space - Hemeria - CLS - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 13 October 2020

    Five times more powerful and 10 times smaller than predecessors, ANGELS has been designed to address the current challenges of New Space : miniaturization, scaled-up performance and very low consumption [...] Syrlinks is proud to have taken part in designing the ARGOS Neo miniaturized payload with Thales Alenia Space.
  • syrlinks-wildlife

    New ARGOS satellite tracking beacon

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 06 October 2020

    Syrlinks Wildlife unveils its new low-cost ARGOS beacon to help scientists track by satellite animal populations on a large scale.
  • anywaves-syrlinks-partnership_anywaves-syrlinks-partnership_anywaves-syrlinks-partnership

    ANYWAVES et SYRLINKS: A Winning Combination for New Space

    Source : Syrlinks - Anywaves - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 02 July 2020

    ANYWAVES, the only « pure player » European antenna equipment manufacturer for New Space, and SYRLINKS, one of the world leaders in space radio communication equipment for small satellite constellations, has signed a partnership agreement for the supply and marketing of S-band and X-band antennas on an international scale.

  • Syrlinks_retenue_par_Thales_Alenia_Space_pour_la_constellation_dOmnispace_Omnispace_artist_view_final-BD

    Omnispace’s first space and ground 5G network

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 26 May 2020

    Syrlinks has been selected by prime contractor Thales Alenia Space to collaborate in the construction of the first two satellites for the Omnispace's low earth orbit constellation. Syrlinks, which develops radiocommunication systems for space and defense, will contribute to this project by manufacturing the S-band instruments of the payloads integrated in the first two satellites of the Omnispace constellation. This first set of non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellites, scheduled for a launch in 2021, will help to establish the design, capability and capacity of the future Omnispace constellation.

  • syrlinks_keeps_pace_with_oneweb

    Syrlinks keeps pace with Oneweb Satellites

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 23 March 2020

    OneWeb performed this Saturday, March 20, the third launch of 34 satellites for its mega-constellation [...] Syrlinks is supplying two key products...

  • COVID-19_covid-19


    Source : Guy Richard - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 18 March 2020

    Syrlinks is giving news to customers and partners in this press release during the context of the outbreak COVID-19.
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    Successful activation of the Argos Neo payload of the ANGELS satellite

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse/Press Release - Published on 23 January 2020

    The Argos Neo payload, key part of the demonstration ANGELS satellite, has been successfully switched on by CNES. Syrlinks, designer and manufacturer of the Argos Neo payload, in partnership with Thales Alenia Space, is proud of this achievement. This payload is the first one developed by the company.

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