Syrlinks product lines for micro satellites

Syrlinks designs and manufactures radiocommunication and radionavigation equipment fitted to the needs of the NewSpace market (S-band transceivers, X, L-band transmitters and GNSS receivers (GPS / GALILEO)). The products offered by Syrlinks are designed for low earth orbit missions up to 8 years. Syrlinks has defined three levels of product assurance in order to satisfy its customers' expectations. Syrlinks thus offers the best compromise in terms of reliability, price and lifetime in orbit.

To equip your micro satellite with one of our radios, we invite you to consult our large portfolio of S Band & K/Ka Band (telemetry-telecommand) TT&C Transceivers ; L Band, X Band and Ka Band Transmitters ; GNSS Software Receivers below and let us know your needs…


Products Micro satellite

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X-Band High-Data-Rate Transmitter

XONOS comes as the latest generation of Syrlinks High-Data-Rate Transmitter dedicated to mini/micro-satellites. It especially meets...

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S/S-Band Transceiver - CCSDS

STAR (EWC15-NG) comes as a new generation of Syrlinks’ transceivers to implement high performance Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) service.

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X Band Transmitter

EWC28 is a high performance, high data rate, cost-efficient, low power consumption and very compact transmitter in X-band (8GHz) which...

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GNSS Software Receiver

Syrlinks has been chosen by CNES to develop and manufacture this equipment which should be tested aboard the scientific microsatellite...

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L-band transmitter

EWC36 is the second generation of Syrlinks L-Band Transmitter to answer to extended missions in orbit up to 7.5 years at Low Earth...

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