Syrlinks in the press

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    Syrlinks participates in the OneWeb satellite program

    Source : La lettre économique de Bretagne - Published on 07 March 2019

    Syrlinks is an major actor of the OneWeb program for the launch of 600 micro-satellites that will cover the entire earth on the Internet by 2022.
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    Syrlinks allows OneWeb to control its satellites

    Source : Corinne Bourdet - Communiqué de presse/Press Release - Published on 06 March 2019

    A few hours after the launch of the first 6 satellites of its constellation, OneWeb took successfully control of them thanks to the equipment designed by Syrlinks. This achievement positions the French company as a global leader in space radiocommunications.
  • ouest-france_ouest-france

    OneWeb. Nearly 650 satellites soon in orbit, six already on the launch pad

    Source : Pierrick Baudais - Ouest France - Published on 27 February 2019

    The first satellites of this company, jointly owned by Airbus and one of its subcontractors is Rennes-based Syrlinks, are due to be launched this Wednesday evening. Objective: to provide high-speed Internet to all the inhabitants of the Earth.
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    OCXOs Reduce Power Consumption, Maintain Stability

    Source : Microwave Journal - Published on 11 January 2019

    Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) are used in many RF applications for their parallel and fast digital data processing. In many such systems, a common frequency reference is used for the components doing the digital sampling (i.e., the analog-to-digital converters) and the FPGA processing.
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    Low Power Clock Modules

    Source : Microwave Journal - Published on 17 December 2018

    SGTM™ based on EWOS Syrlinks OCXOs are offering unparalleled performances with power consumptions 10 to 20× lower than other available solutions. The modules are built around a fast electronic and high precision EWOS OCXOs allowing a clock synchronization of less than 20 ns, and excellent short-term and medium term stabilities (resp. 6.10-12 and 1.10-11).

  • keneis-constellation-nanosatellites_constellation-kineis-cls-cnes-argos-thales-alenia-space-nexeya

    New Space: industrial launch of the first nanosatellite made in France

    Source : Michel Cabirol - La Tribune - Published on 13 December 2018

    The Angels project teams (CNES and Nexeya) and Argos Néo (Thales Alenia Space, Syrlinks and CNES) have noted "this technical challenge in just 20 months, particularly short term for a space project".
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    Nautic. Saint-Malo at the hune

    Source : Le Télégramme - Ille et Vilaine - Le Télégramme - Published on 07 December 2018

    Nautical practices, the new Breton solutions with the presence of more than 15 companies including 2 of the Breton territory, Hello Nautic & Syrlinks.
  • METS-2018-syrlinks_METS-2018-Syrlinks

    The Nautic at J-5. The Malouins have their showcase in Paris

    Source : Gérard Lebailly - Ouest France - Published on 03 December 2018

    About fifteen Breton companies will come for three minutes each to unveil "new solutions for boating", including the company Hello Nautic (400 referenced ports) and the Syrlinks company for the smallest pocket distress beacon (boater safety).
  • les-nouvelles-tendances-du-numerique_AdobeStock_95447916

    Digital Tech Conference. "We are exploring new digital trends"

    Source : Christian Veyre - Ouest France - Published on 25 November 2018

    Look at Energiency, Advalo who are in big data and AI, Cailabs, Broadpeak or Syrlinks in telecoms and even Kerlinks in IoT (Internet of Things).
  • salle-de-controle-cls-kineis_salle-de-controle-cls

    Kinéis: new actor of IoT

    Source : La dépêche - La dépêche - Published on 19 November 2018

    The space industry company entrusted Nexeya with manufacturing the nanosatellite platforms and Syrlinks with the support in the design and construction of the instrument. This constellation will be put into orbit in 2021.
  • SGTM-25x_SGTM-25xx_SGMT2520-syrlinks_SGTM-25xx.-syrlinks

    How Syrlinks' innovations in oscillator design provide very high stability at low power

    Source : Patrice Brossard & Cyril Boissy - Future Technology Magazine - Published on 16 November 2018

    Precise timing for aerospace and marine applications: a new low-power approach to high-performance oscillator design.
  • angels-satellite-syrlinks-equipment_angels-satellite-syrlinks-equipment_angels-satellite-syrlinks-equipment_angels-satellite-syrlinks-equipment

    Spatial. Le toulousain Kinéis se lance avec ambition dans la course des objets connectés

    Source : Audrey Sommazi - - Published on 07 October 2018

    Cet opérateur né à Toulouse en septembre 2018 propose de localiser en continu et sur toute la surface de la terre deux millions d’objets connectés en 2028. Comment ? En lançant en 2021 une constellation de vingt nanosatellites, développée par Thales Alenia Space, Nexeya et Syrlinks.
  • keneis-constellation-nanosatellites_constellation-kineis-cls-cnes-argos-thales-alenia-space-nexeya

    Space, a new playground for IoT operators

    Source : Dominique Fillippone - Le monde informatique - Published on 28 September 2018

    Called Kinéis, the latter aims to bring IoT connectivity to objects on Earth through a satellite network that is associated with Nexeya specializes in the design and construction of satellites, but also Syrlinks (embedded instrumentation).
  • bfm-tv-logo_BFM_TV_logo

    Good Morning Business: Kineis project, 20 nanosatellites IoT constellation

    Source : Stéphane Soumier - BFM TV - Published on 11 September 2018

    Interview with Alexandre Tisserand, CEO of Kinéis. Discussion around the constellation project of 20 nanosatellites dedicated to the tracking of connected objects and presentation of the partners of this mission in which Syrlinks will participate.
  • constellation-kineis-nanosatellites-spatial_kineis02-494x329

    kineis: a constellation of nanosatellites

    Source : Fred - - Published on 11 September 2018

    The multiplication of connected objects generates needs for communication tools. Ground-based technologies do not provide sufficient coverage, leaving blank areas where no data is transmitted. The solution designed by Kineis allows data to be sent and received anywhere on the planet.